Griffschläuche & Schutzschläuche von A.E.T.


Bild: A.E.T. Produktionsstätte

Technological lead, innovative ideas and the use of most modern production distances with the production of extruding products made A.E.T. today an enterprise with an outstanding market position.


The dynamic development of the enterprise is carried by the comprehensive know-how of the employees. Daily handling with the different granulate raw materials and different extrusion procedures secure the knowledge to you first-hand. Who knows a production process already better than who is developing it?





A.E.T. products have got their use world-wide. Customers challenge partners who offer fast creative solutions and by experience and know-how to optimize the production processes.


A.E.T. does not want that you are satisfied by a ‘humdrum’ solution. Your requirement of the product decides how A.E.T. will produce. Completely individually. Please, challenge A.E.T..





At the equipment of your products you do not have to fall back on standard extruding products of A.E.T. You determine colour, diameters, (wall) thickness, surface and many further characteristics which constitute an individual product. Thus you create a singular application and do not have to fall back to standard goods






The production capacities of A.E.T. are used very flexibly and efficiently. That means: small granulates at the beginning for small numbers of items can be produced just as economically as mass production. With A.E.T. you get exactly the quantity you need.




It’s the little things that always cause the problems: Just in time production, high machine run costs and product specific requirements of the users do not allow lengthy experiments with the use of extruding products. The A.E.T. development obtains the desired material condition by changes at the recipes.




A.E.T. is one of the few German manufacturers that produce coextruded hoses. By special methods two materials will be combined in one processing step. E.g. the material external wall has a completely different consistency than the inner wall






The different material characteristics inside of a product guarantee that the outward open material gets a maximum adhesion to the carrier by an interior very closed surface